Manotick Marriage Therapy

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Blended families bring new challenges that can be very difficult for children. The introduction of a new authority figure in their lives can be a difficult transition, and new siblings can cause problems, and power struggles. Blended family therapy offers a neutral environment, where you can explore all the new aspects of a new family. Counselors can help join the two families into one cohesive unit that can depend on each other and thrive.

Some children handle a new parent fairly well, fully understanding and accepting the situation. Some however do not handle new siblings and parents with grace. A family counselor can help the child accept what is happening, and learn from the situation. A family therapist can also provide methods and strategies parents can use in their day to day lives to make the situation easier on the child.

One cause of tension within blended families is resentment; oftentimes a child will resent the other family, or even their own parent for re-marrying.  This can cause a number of problems not only for the family, but for the individual child. If it’s not addressed it can manifest itself later in life as a mental illness, which can be very difficult to deal with. For that reason it is best to deal with the underlying issues early on.  When something as precious as your family is on the line however, you need to be sure you hire the right counselor for the job. That can be hard to do in a smaller market like Manotick. You need a counselor with years of experience in joining two families, and alleviating some of the pain that can cause.

For any family counselling, whether it’s blending two families or any other issue you need the right counselor for the job. Thankfully here at Capital Choice Counselling we can connect you to the right counselor in Manotick, Barrhaven, Ottawa South, Greely, Osgoode, Metcalfe and the Ottawa area. We ensure that you and your family receives the care it needs, at an affordable price.