Family Counselling Services

At Manotick Marriage, we know family is important. Families develop a bond like no other and they can be a one-of-a-kind source of love and support. Families then have a massive impact on who we are, and who we become in the future.

But what if there’s tension in your family? What if you can no longer depend on your family for support? If something goes wrong in a family, it can significantly impact the mental health of everyone affected by it. Family counselling is one of the amazing options that can help you and your family get back on track, and help improve the incredibly complex relationships that families share.

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Family Counselling Issues

Although many families choose to partake in family counselling before major issues arise, there is still a wide range of specific issues we can help with here at Manotick Marriage. There are many issues that often create a need for family counselling. Some of the more common reasons are:

  • Divorce
  • A new partner moving in
  • Problems with step-family life
  • Financial problems
  • In-law disputes
  • Problems with adolescents or older children
  • Children leaving home
  • Unexpected pregnancy

All of these cause a considerable amount of stress to everyone in the family. Depending on how individuals within the family absorb the information or react, sometimes certain events can even break families apart and cause irreparable damage.

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