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What To Expect From Marriage Counselling?

Marriages are not an automatic guarantee of a blissful and happy life. Differences and issues can and will arise. If left to fester or handled incorrectly, small problems can become very serious. In situations where those problems seem insurmountable, marriage counselling is used to bridge the gap between the couple and help them find common ground.

Hence, the team at Manotick Marriage would like you to know exactly what anyone attending marriage counselling can expect.

First Marriage Counselling Session

In your first session with the therapist, establishing trust between you and the counsellor is key. Your therapist will help you understand that a session is a place for you to say what you need to without judgement. You also need to establish the specific goals you are trying to achieve in your relationship and the present (or crucial) issues that hamper your relationship.

There will be paperwork, policy review, cancellation guidelines, and other more technical factors that will be discussed in that first meeting but you mostly want to ensure that you can trust the opinion of the counsellor. They will want to understand your differing backgrounds and personalities so they can better understand your needs and how to help you achieve your goals.

Misconceptions of Marriage Counselling

At Manotick Marriage, we’ve observed many counselling myths and misconceptions that create resistance in our clients. These obstruct and sometimes prevent the counsellor from helping the couple. As such, we’d like to take a look at some of these myths and explain how they do not help.

Strangers Cannot Help

A common misconception of marriage counselling is that an outsider, with no investment in the relationship, is incapable of providing useful advice or solutions. However, that lack of investment is actually a huge positive because it fosters objectivity and fairness. Friends and family members can be helpful but they are emotionally biased toward one partner or the other. The therapist is there to help both partners and will make observations and suggestions without bias.

Therapy Is Too SlowCouple in marriage counselling

Healing a relationship cannot be rushed. The partners need to understand how to move forwards with each other and work through their issues. That process will require some time. However, couples counselling is usually much shorter than other types of counselling. Once the couple has a firm grasp of the tools required to grow and has made significant progress in their problems, they can proceed outside therapy.

Therapy Is For Weak Couples

Marriage therapy serves more than just couples whose relationship is in trouble and about to collapse. It is for those couples who want to connect better and handle their emotions properly. Going to counselling doesn’t mean you and your partner are constantly fighting but it can help your relationship grow stronger.

Benefits of Marriage Counselling

The advantages of marriage counselling are numerous and useful.

Confront Your Fears

Fear is a significant factor in a large number of people and it can have detrimental effects on marriages. Couples counselling can help you identify the fears that hold you back or cause you to sabotage your marriage. Then you can learn to overcome your fears and keep them from affecting your relationship.

Communicate Effectivelycouple satisfied with marriage counselling

A communication breakdown can cause many significant problems in any marriage. With marriage therapy, you can learn how to do more than just talk to your partner. You and your partner will learn how to express your feelings and needs and how to be receptive to each other.

Conflict Resolution

In every marriage, there will be issues that set you against your partner. Learning how to handle those problems and land on common ground without scorching the earth is crucial. Relationship counselling will help you learn how to resolve conflicts without triggering or offending your partner.

Manotick Marriage Therapy Specialists – Friendly and Supportive

Marriage counselling can provide you with that lifeline you need when your marriage seems broken beyond repair. When you and your partner can discuss your problems in a safe space, you can strengthen your relationship and move forward with a healthy relationship.

Please contact us if you need marriage counselling in Manotick and its surrounding areas. Manotick Marriage exists to help couples realign their values and provides a neutral ground for discussing any issues in the relationship. We aim to help you rekindle old bonds and repair any damage that the relationship has suffered and reach an understanding that helps you grow together.

The Importance of Couples Counselling

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You probably already know how important your relationship is, but do you know how couples counselling can make it better? Ottawa couples counselling is not just for couples who are experiencing a rough patch – it’s for every couple. Both together and individually – if you haven’t already – you are going to experience difficult situations. Knowing how to support each other through them while having your own needs met is incredibly important. At Manotick Marriage we specialize in counselling that strengthen and solidify relationships.

Couples therapy, sometimes also referred to as marriage counselling is designed for individuals in a romantic relationship. The purpose of couples counselling is to address pre-existing situations and prepare you for future stressors as they arise.

counselling in ottawaWhere Can Couples Counselling Help?

Couples Counselling can help strengthen and repair your relationship during a wide variety of situations. For example: when one or both partners experience mood or anxiety disorders, difficulty controlling anger, infidelity, establishing a parenting routine following a separation, arriving at a parenting style, or when one or both partner struggles with alcohol abuse, substance abuse, or gambling.

The Five Principles of Couples Therapy

According to this article by Psychology Today, there are five basic principles that dictate the effectiveness of couples therapy, and they work both equally well with a behavioural or emotional approach. The first principle is changing the outlook on the relationship. Within any relationship, whether professional, platonic or romantic, it can be difficult to gain an outside perspective. Couples counselling helps you see your relationship objectively. The second principle is addressing dysfunctional behaviour. The way you behave towards and with your partner can positively or negatively affect your relationship. Your therapist will help you see how your actions are causing physical, economic and psychological harm and how to change them.

The third and fourth principles of couples counselling are decreasing emotional distance and increasing communication. For many, expressing emotions and communicating effectively go hand in hand. Instead of proper communication, couples fall into harmful, often silent expressions of their thoughts and feelings. Couples therapy will help you express yourself effectively while addressing individual needs for emotional validation. Lastly, couples counselling builds on your pre-existing strengths. Every relationship has its strengths. Instead of replacing them with new behaviour all together, couples counselling builds on them, acknowledging the aspects of your relationship that are positive!  

couples counselling servicesCouples Therapy Can Start Anytime

Within our society, there is a preconceived notion that couples therapy is only required by couples who need it. As a last ditch effort, so to speak. While this is the case for some couples it certainly does not describe the majority. Couples counselling is there to keep your relationship healthy. Just like an annual physical, you don’t have to be feeling a fever coming on to book an appointment. An outside perspective is incredibly helpful when you are part of a partnership. The qualified therapists and counsellors at Manotick Marriage are experienced in guiding couples through all stages of their relationship.